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"...A Pathway of Hope"

About us


The history of Sunny Lane United Methodist Church is one for which we can all be grateful.  Built soon after the Land Run on April 22, 1889, it is believed to have been the first Methodist Church in Oklahoma County.  It was during those early days that Rev. William Bradford suggested they choose a name before starting their services.  One member, looking at God's world and seeing the bright blue sky and the red virgin soil covered with green grass, suggested the name of "Sunny Lane" and so it has been ever since.


Our earliest building was located at the very south end of what is now Sunny Lane Cemetery and was approximately 24 feet square.  The original foundation is still in place and has become the traditional location for Easter Sunday sunrise services.  Unfortunately, that first building burned to the ground in 1913 and after being rebuilt, was blown away by a windstorm in 1924.  Still determined to have their church, this hardy congregation rebuilt one more time at the same location.  However, on April 12, 1945, another tornado came roaring through to destroy the little church.


Sunny Lane Methodist Church may have lain dormant for a time, but it was not dead!  In the spring of 1950, Bill and Mildred Basinger and Albert and Oleta Holcomb felt the need for a Methodist Church in the Del City area and held an organizational meeting on Sunday, May 21, 1950, at the Del City Elementary School.  Encouraged by the enthusiastic turnout, Rev. Orra Compton was assigned to Sunny Lane in June 1950.  Thus began the history of growth and service for our church family.  Today, we are blessed to have many of those charter members still with us.

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