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United Methodist Men




The mission of the United Methodist Men (UMM) is to support the spiritual growth among the men of Sunny Lane United Methodist Church, helping them to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in others. The focus is not inward, concentrating only on those who attend a set meeting, but outward to all men, assisting them to engage the process of spiritual growth.


Our meetings are open to all men of the church.  They are structured but always informal, starting with dinner, followed by our business meeting, and finishing with an informative program.  Meetings are on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Compton Hall, except for the months of July and August (Summer Break) and December (Christmas Break).


We have two sausage grinds each year, one in February and the other in October.  Each grind is on a Friday with a Sausage and Pancake Breakfast the next day. These are our only fund raisers during the year, and the profits go to fund numerous projects within and outside the church:  two college scholarships for deserving young men and outreach missions, such as Circle of Care, Boys Ranch, TEEM, Skyline Ministries, TORCH, and The Society of St. Andrew.


We have two Car Care Clinics each year where we offer the single ladies of the church a chance to have their cars checked for ordinary maintenance that is often overlooked. We check items like fluid level (add as necessary), tire pressure (air up as needed), air filters (clean or advise as to which one to buy and bring back to us to have it changed), lights, etc.  If we find major problems, we advise them to take it to a shop for repair.


Our newest ministry is our involvement with The Society of St. Andrew, a ministry to stamp out world hunger. We salvage fresh, nutritious produce from farms – produce that otherwise would be left in the fields to rot – and deliver it to agencies across the area that serve the poor, such as the Jesus House, Salvation Army, etc. We have gleaned beets, peaches, onions, watermelon, turnips, sweet corn, pears, potatoes, and honey dew melons. Once we even had a cow donated!  We work with farmers across the state who give generously to this mission.


For more information contact current president, Tom Hrubik, through the church office.

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