The spring Sausage Grind will take place on Friday, April 30. This year, because of Covid-19, there will be no Saturday pancake sausage breakfast. Orders for sausage will be received until April 19. Order boxes are out now; one is located at the Welcome Center.


Our UMW Silent Auction items are on display in the Fellowship Hall at this time. Bid sheets have been placed in front of all items up for sale. Simply write your bid on the sheet; if you’re the last bid submitted, you get to purchase the item. Bids will be accepted until April 30. All proceeds will go to support UMW mission projects.  UMW thanks you for your support.



April 6, 2021

UMW General Meeting (6:30 p.m., Fellowship Hall)


April 19, 2021

UMM Meeting (6:30 p.m., Fellowship Hall)

Deadline for sausage orders


April 30, 2021

UMM Sausage Grind (no breakfast this time)

*Unless otherwise noted, no food will be served; masks and distancing will be observed.